fine hand-tailored kilts

Make Yours a Callum Kilt


Alastair Callum makes traditional kilts for customers in and around Edinburgh (or can travel to Edinburgh for fittings). His bespoke kilts are hand-tailored and almost entirely sewn by hand - a concession is made for the waistband, which is machine-sewn in order to obtain strong, straight stitching without breaking the bank in labour. The same loving care and attention-to-detail goes into each and every kilt he makes - the kind of care that rarely, if ever, goes into a machined kilt.


Each Callum Kilt is bespoke; that is made-to-measure and specifically fitted to the individual. As you would expect with any finely tailored garment, customers will be invited for fitting during construction and a final fitting will take place to ensure both kiltmaker and customer are happy before the kilt is declared finished.

Finest Quality

Inlay allows for alterations.
Inlay on the outer apron allows for significant alterations in the future.

Your kilt will be carefully hand-stitched and constructed to last a lifetime, with gratifying scope for alteration in later years. The hang and the swing of a kilt really contribute to the beauty of the garment, and every effort is made in this regard.


Alastair's kilts are hand-tailored in Edinburgh using top quality kilting fabric and made with the traditional rise.

For further details on what goes into each long-lasting garment, take a peek inside.