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About the Kiltmaker

Alastair Callum, kiltmaker
Alastair Callum, kiltmaker.
Alastair's father, John, during mid-way fitting. In Callum (Buchan) tartan.
Alastair's father, John, during mid-way fitting. In the Callum (Buchan) tartan designed by Alastair and his family.

Alastair was born in 1983 and brought up in Rogart, a small village in the Highlands of Scotland. His father, John Callum, is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art and though little known, is a very fine artist and craftsman. Over the last few years John has been working on a range of kiltpin designs and through a collaborative effort of father & son, the first few designs are now available for sale in a choice of bronze or silver, from Callum Kilts' Etsy shop, along with a range of other jewellery.

Alastair became interested in kiltmaking a number of years ago when, with his family, he set about designing a family tartan - now woven and registered as Callum (Buchan). He began his kiltmaking training in 2009 under the tuition of the highly regarded kiltmaker Beverley Scarlett. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it was not possible for him to continue his formal training until a number of years later, but he continued to keep up his skills in making a number of family kilts, as well as for the occasional customer.

In May 2014 Alastair began working towards an SQA level 3 and Modern Apprenticeship in Kiltmaking. He was one of only two original candidates on the programme, which is managed by Drumbeat training consultancy and its sister business Redshank Scotland. Funding towards the cost of the programme has been provided by the Scottish Government through Skills Development Scotland and they have Alastair's gratitude.

Finished kilt in Cunningham muted tartan.
A finished kilt in the Cunningham muted tartan. (Inside of kilt pleats with outside of aprons folded on top.)

Once again under the tuition of Beverley, Alastair refined his existing skills and gathered greater experience in the craft and whilst under formal tuition. In April 2016 he finished his coursework he has now been awarded a Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship in Kiltmaking and SVQ 3 in Kiltmaking. Still living in Edinburgh, he works at home making fine quality, hand-tailored kilts, never settling for less than the exceptional standard his tutor came to expect. He hopes he will one day be able to pass the great art of kiltmaking on to others and help to keep this traditional skill from being lost forever.

If you would like to buy a traditional Scottish kilt, hand-made in Edinburgh, then contact Alastair to discuss what he can do for you, or see the Order Your Bespoke Kilt page.